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The Delhi – Gurgaon Expressway is the ‘fully access controlled’ highway project and one of the largest BOT (Build Operate Transfer) road project on the National Highways of India. This road project caters to both local and urban traffic, in addition the Domestic and International airports are located on its corridor. The implementation of an 8-lane Access controlled highway will reduce vehicle-operating costs and journey time; provide traffic comfort with an increase in average travel speeds and reduction in accident rates.

The first phase of the project is designed as a VIP route and starts from Rao Tula Ram Marg with an elevated structure which would bring High Traffic volume to NH-8. An Elevated Ramp would bring the commuters to the road leading to domestic airport. The second phase of the project is a daily commuter’s traffic zone catering to both local and urban traffic. Long elevated flyovers and Mahipalpur and one ahead at Rajoukri would provide high speed link to the daily commuters to Gurgaon. These elevated structures were developed by using the international expertise in design and engineering. An elevated ramp would take the commuters to the International Airport Toll Plaza which would be an entry point for the International Airport. At Delhi Gurgaon Border the Gate way to Haryana, Border Toll Plaza featuring 32 lanes built on international standards provides a smooth entry to State of Haryana.

The last and third stretch of the project is a tourist paradise that cuts through the industrial zone of Haryana to other states carrying a mix of local and commercial vehicles and features a 20 lanes toll plaza at KM-42. Over 1.30 lac vehicles are expected to use this expressway every day in the first year of operations.

Delhi Gurgaon Expressway is the most exciting development in India transport history and it is expected to help businesses by providing a free-flowing alternative to the congested NH-8. This facility could be benchmarked with best expressways in the world as best of the design and engineering technologies has been incorporate in this project to bring in the class of best expressways worldwide.

Delhi Gurgaon Expressway has been designed for the safety. It is also take into account safety and efficiency by significantly easing sharp curve, providing subways, cattle crossings and expanding underpasses, thereby making it safer for the commuters. To further enhance safety fencing & crash barriers on both the sides of the carriageway so as to prevent cattle and pedestrian traffic from crossing over and causing accidents. This is the Expressway designed to care for the Environment. Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway would be one of the best-landscaped projects in India with major emphasis on green and clean environment by creating the green zones across the road.

Unique Challenges in development of this expressway;

• High Traffic volume on the existing Highway.
• Implementation of access control in an extensive urban environment.
• Restricted right of way of the project road.
• Formulation and implementation of an effective toll strategy in a semi-rural and urban environment.
• Maintenance and corridor control of the highway throughout the construction and concession period.

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