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1. Commuters, please do observe and obey all the signs along the expressway

2. Do ensure that you follow the correct lane at the Toll Plazas

3. Pedestrians, to ensure your safety, please do use the specially provided pedestrian crossings and underpasses

4. To ensure a smoother drive, please do register yourself for a Smart Tag

5. Please do keep your money ready as you approach the Toll Gate

6. Toll users are required to proceed only after observing the Green traffic signal at toll gate


1. Commuters, please do not over speed on the expressway

2. Buses do not stop on the expressway to pick or drop passengers

3. Pedestrians, please do not at any time attempt to cross the expressway except at designated points. This is critical for your personal safety.

4. Two wheelers, three wheelers and auto rickshaws are strictly not allowed on the expressway and should use the service lane at all times. Offenders are likely to be prosecuted.

5. Please do not attempt to cross the Toll Gate when the barrier is down. This could lead to serious injury.


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